COVID-19 Booster Vaccinations

Please do not contact the Medical Practice about Covid Booster vaccinations.

Nobody in the Church Stretton catchment area is due their booster until after 14 October unless you had it somewhere other than Church Stretton.

The South West Primary Care Network is working together to provide these vaccinations and clinics will be put on from mid-October onwards.

Image of a patient receiving a vaccination

Church Stretton will NOT be the main vaccination hub for these boosters, but we will be putting on a handful of clinics to help get everyone vaccinated.

Patients will be invited to attend for an appointment, so I reiterate, please do NOT call the Medical Practice until you have been invited to make an appointment and you are unable to do it yourself via the Accuryx booking system on your phone.

As ever thank you very much for your patience.

Published: Oct 5, 2021