Patient Participation Group


Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets to provide a forum for discussion about the practice.

Strettondale Patient Participation Group (SPPG) is a volunteer group of patients of the Church Stretton Medical Practice. Our objectives are to represent patients views, facilitate communication,  influence the workings of the Medical Practice and promote better understanding and mutual support for the benefit of all.

The SPPG meets every six weeks or so with a member of the Medical Practice in attendance. Twice a year we meet with several of the doctors for an in-depth discussion of particular matters that affect the services being offered to patients


How to contact the SPPG

In the Medical Practice reception area is a notice board with information about the SPPG committee and a comments/suggestion box. This box is for you to post any comments about your experience with the Medical Practice, which can be done anonymously. It is opened by the SPPG who consider every item received then discuss them with the Medical Practice.

Alternatively, please contact them via our secure online form or You can also send comments to the PPG via email