Urine & Stool (Faeces) Tests

In order to check your health or to see if there is any infection, your doctor or nurse may ask you to provide a specimen of urine or stool (faeces).

Specimens should be brought to the surgery during the morning, because hospital transport collect specimens at lunch time. Specimens must NEVER be left in our outside post box, or posted in any way. Any such specimens will be destroyed

It is important that specimens are provided in appropriate containers (your clinician or reception staff can provide these), labelled with the patient's details and with an accompanying form (your clinician or reception staff can provide these).

Please do not bring in specimens without having first arranged this with one of our doctors or nurses, otherwise such specimens will be destroyed.

Urine tests may be tested here at the surgery by the nurse - who will inform you of the results.  Otherwise all specimens are sent to the hospital for testing, in which case you should ring our secretaries for your results when advised by your doctor/nurse.

For further details regarding urine and stool tests, please see the links below: