Text Messaging and Video Consulting

We offer the option of text message communication and video consultations, initiated  in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to reduce unnecessary face to face contacts and offer consultations as safely as possible. This also saves time both for patients and clinicians.

We use an application called AccuRx .  A smart phone (able to connect to the internet) is not essential for the most basic communication (receiving SMS text messaging), but if you do have one it unlocks a safe and effective way to communicate with you via smart links in the SMS text and offer you the addition of video consultations.

text messaging

AccuRx has a number of functions.  For example:

  • We may use it to text you about your results, including for example if you need to have a repeat test, a medication change or other advice. 
  • We may also use it to let you know that we have sent a prescription to the pharmacy or other advice following your communication with us via e-Consult.
  • After a telephone or video consultation the doctor or nurse will be able to text you links to websites with advice about your condition or even attach documents to the text for you to download.
  • The doctor or nurse may ask you to send in a picture via AccuRx after a telephone consultation.  They will send you a link which you can use to reply and attach a photograph (like all NHS communications this is sent securely and privately to your doctor)
  • Using AccuRx your doctor or nurse will be able to do a video consultation (discussed further below)

There are a number of other benefits from AccuRx which we will be exploring in future such as questionnaires, for example about Asthma, which will help us manage long term conditions

We will only communicate appropriate information to you in this way.  If it is a matter requiring urgent action, or one that is sensitive, we will always speak to you personally.

In order for you to be able to take advantage of this breakthrough in the way we are able to communicate with you it is essential that we have an up to date mobile phone number.  Please remember to let us know if it has changed.


Video Consultations

We are currently using AccuRx for video consultations.  To take advantage of this form of consultation you do need a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a PC with a webcam and a microphone.

At the start of a video consultation the doctor or nurse will send you an SMS text or an email (depending on your device and preference) with a link to the secure video “consultation room”.   The video consultations are hosted by Whereby, who are NHS approved and GDPR compliant. Clicking on the link will open your internet browser or if you are using a phone or tablet and have it installed, the Whereby app (for phones the app does work the best but is not essential.  You do not need to create an account with Whereby to use the app).

Tips for getting the most out of a video consultation:

  • A good internet connection
  • A quiet place where you will not be disturbed, that is well lit
  • You need a smartphone or tablet with a built in camera and microphone, or a PC or laptop with a webcam and microphone
  • If you get cut off and cannot reconnect, wait for a phone call.

If you wish to book a video consultation, please state this either in the reason for the consultation if you are booking online via EMIS Access or to the receptionist if you are booking it over the phone. Please also remember to state whether you would like the invite via text message or via email.